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Game Economy Manager

Product Management

The Game Economy Manager is responsible for the overall game economy tuning, balancing, pricing and monitoring in the purpose of creating a fun and engaging game experience and maximize revenues.

The position is ideally suited for a analyst/ economist with a strong mathematical/ statistical background, passion for games and technical approach.

  • Understand the game’s gameplay loops and how players interact with them
  • Build simulations and predictive models to proactively forecast the results of changes to content
  • Tune content performance by devising A/B tests and analyzing their effectiveness
  • Identify areas where sinks/ sources should be tightened or loosened to maximize engagement, revenue, etc.
  • Price virtual currencies in the game
  • Work with the product teams on pricing new features
  • Monitor for exploits/ bugs in the economy
  • Monitor individual and macro player balances to ensure the overall health of the game’s economy
  • Come up with designs for new features/ systems which address existing deficiencies in the game
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics, Economics, Statistics, Engineering, or a quantitative field
  • Analytical mind with the ability to spot patterns and trends
  • A strong interest in gaming
  • Excellent Excel skills
  • Previous experience with marketing and/or monetization in the games industry - advantage
Application for Game Economy Manager
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